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Putting Greens

Perfect Your Putting with Premier Putting Greens at Golf Simulators Direct

Welcome to "Golf Simulators Direct", where we offer an extensive range of putting greens designed to elevate your short game. Whether you're interested in a backyard putting green or a more compact setup, our products offer the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics to improve your putting skills.

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High-Quality Backyard Putting Greens for Serious Golfers

Our collection includes backyard putting greens made from synthetic turf, offering a low-maintenance, all-weather solution for your golf practice needs. These greens replicate the feel and roll of tour greens, providing an authentic putting experience right in your own backyard.

Customizable Green Kits for Every Space

We offer green kits that are customizable to fit any space and budget. Whether you have a large yard or a small outdoor area, our kits can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The cost per square foot is competitive, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Easy Maintenance with Synthetic Turf

One of the key benefits of our synthetic turf greens is their ease of maintenance. A simple leaf blower is often enough to keep the surface clean and debris-free. This means more time practicing your shots and less time on upkeep.

Innovative Design with Interlocking Base Panels

Our putting greens feature interlocking base panels, offering a stable and level surface for consistent ball roll. This innovative design can be installed over a variety of bases, including concrete and natural ground, making it versatile for different settings.

Enhance Your Short Game with Varied Green Features

Improve your short game with greens that offer a variety of features like multiple holes, fringe for chipping, and undulations for challenging putts. These features mimic the conditions of a real golf course, providing a comprehensive practice experience.

Create a Fun and Accessible Golf Space

Installing a putting green in your backyard not only helps with your golf game but also creates a fun and accessible space for family and friends to enjoy. It transforms your lawn into a mini-golf course, providing endless entertainment and a great way to practice golf.

Type of Putting Green

We carry many different types of putting green for your needs.  These collections include:

Contact Us for Custom Putting Green Solutions

Interested in creating the perfect putting green for your home? Contact us at Golf Simulators Direct for more information. We can help you design a green that fits your space, style, and budget for the perfect indoor golfsetup. With our putting greens, you'll have access to a top-quality golf practice facility right in your yard. Shop now and take the first step towards becoming a putting pro!

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