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Carl's Place: DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Impact Screen

Add-On Accessories (See "Add-On Descriptions" section below for more info)

Bring the golf course into your home with Carl's Place DIY C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits. Our newly redesigned kits feature an innovative impact screen that reaches the floor, creating a visually stunning and seamless golfing environment. Perfect for enthusiasts looking to build a high-quality, immersive home golf simulator.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Floor-to-Turf Design:

    • Experience borderless visuals with our cabled screen featuring a sleek, no-border bottom.
    • Designed for a realistic and immersive golf simulation, merging turf and screen seamlessly.
  2. Advanced Impact Screen System:

    • Incorporates releasable zip ties and a bottom cable to minimize golf ball bounceback.
    • Ensures safety and enhances the realism of your golfing sessions.
  3. Compatible with Big Moss Turf + Putting Green:

    • Pair with the Big Moss Combo Turf + Putting Green for a natural roll and realistic putting experience.
    • Enhance the authenticity of your indoor golf setup.
  4. DIY-Friendly and Customizable:

    • Easily build your own professional-grade golf simulator and save thousands.
    • Flexible design to perfectly fit any space, with customizable sizing options.
    • Simple, user-friendly setup for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels.
  5. Complete Kit for a Perfect Setup:

    • Choose from Standard, Preferred, or Premium impact screen materials.
    • Black nylon enclosure to shade the screen and create a focused environment.
    • Steel fittings for sturdy frame construction (pipes sold separately).
    • Ball bungees and zip ties included for optimal screen tension adjustment.
  6. Integration with Launch Monitors:

    • Pair with a high-quality launch monitor to gain valuable insights into your golf performance.
    • Track ball flight, spin, speed, and more for a comprehensive practice experience.

Product Details:

  • Impact Screen Options: Select from three versions for the best floor-to-turf image and minimal bounceback.
  • Durable Enclosure: Black nylon material provides a shaded, protective environment for realistic play.
  • Easy Assembly: Steel fittings included for easy frame construction, with pipes available separately.
  • Customizable Tension: Ball bungees and zip ties for personalizing screen tension based on your unique playing style.

Transform Your Space Into a Golf Haven:

With Carl's Place DIY C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits, you're not just building a golf simulator; you're creating a golfing sanctuary. Whether it's perfecting your swing or enjoying a round with friends, our kit brings the essence of golf to your home. Step into your spare room and step out onto the green with Carl's Place. 

Please note: Your DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit does not come with framing pipes. If you do not purchase the Carl's Place Pipe Framing Kit Accessory, you will have to purchase 1-inch EMT pipes from your local hardware store to complete the assembly of your DIY Enclosure. Please review all of our recommended Accessories, as they offer all of the products that you will need for a hassle-free, seamless setup of your simulator enclosure.

Included Items

Impact Screen Material Options Select from Carl's Place Standard, Preferred, or Premium impact screen materials. Each provides a vivid floor-to-turf image with seamless edges and reduced bounce-back effect.

Durable Black Nylon Enclosure Our nylon enclosure acts as a robust barrier, effectively capturing errant shots outside the simulator's bounds while enhancing the immersive experience within the simulator.

Steel Fittings for Assembly Included corner fittings facilitate the connection of framing pipes for your simulator setup. For a complete assembly, we suggest opting for the Carl's Place Pipe Framing Kit accessory. Alternatively, 1-inch EMT pipes can be sourced from a local hardware store to complete your DIY Enclosure.

Screen Securing Accessories: Ball Bungees and Zip Ties Included in the package are releasable zip ties and ball bungees in 6" and 9" sizes, ensuring your screen is firmly secured to the frame. Additional units are provided to allow for adjustments in achieving the ideal screen tension. Factors such as distance from the screen, ball velocity, club types, and spin rate influence screen response and sound.

Exact Enclosure Sizing

Listing Size Aspect Ratio Overall Enclosure Dimensions (inches) Viewable Screen Dimensions (inches) Depth (inches) Height (inches) Width (inches) Viewable Height (inches) Viewable Width (inches) Diagonal (inches)
7.7 x 10 4:3 95.8 x 124.8 85 x 113.4 67.375 95.8 124.8 85 113.4 141.7
7.7 x 13 16:9 95.8 x 163.3 85.5 x 151.9 67.375 95.8 163.3 85.5 151.9 174.3
8 x 8 1:1 100 x 100 88.6 x 88.6 67.375 100 100 88.6 88.6 125.3
8 x 10.5 4:3 100 x 130.3 89.2 x 118.9 67.375 100 130.3 89.2 118.9 148.7
8.5 x 11.5 4:3 107.5 x 140.3 96.7 x 128.9 67.375 107.5 140.3 96.7 128.9 161.2
9 x 12 4:3 112 x 146.3 101.2 x 134.9 67.375 112 146.3 101.2 134.9 168.7


The depth provided is the standard depth available (5 feet) and the actual footprint depth for all listings (67.375 inches). The overall frame dimensions are noted to be slightly larger than the listing size.

Allow an additional 2" of buffer space on the sides and top.

Add-On Descriptions

Pipe Framing Kit

Pipe Framing Kit for DIY Enclosure

Don't want to deal with finding your own pipe? No problem! This kit will include all of the necessary pipes to assemble your frame. No trip to the store needed, no special tools needed, no cutting, no hauling, just golfing!

Foam Insert Kit

Foam Insert Kit for DIY Enclosure

These DIY kits are designed with flaps that stretch tightly from screen to wall to protect the frame from any possible contact with a ball. However, for extra peace of mind, these foam inserts fill that void perfectly for an even higher level of protection. Foam will be cut and sized for your enclosure so all you have to do is slide them in place while you're assembling the enclosure.

Safety Baffles

Net Wall Extensions for DIY Enclosure

These vinyl heroes are pure ceiling swagger. Their mission? Nab those high-angle shots that think they can bounce off the screen unnoticed. Strategically position one or more at different screen distances and show rebounds who's in charge.

Net Wall Extensions

Net Wall Extensions for DIY Enclosure

If you have any concerns about shanks or other mis-hits, net wall extensions easily attach to your enclosure using hook-and-loop strips. And easy add-on for extra protection.

Back Cover Kit and Back Cover Pipe Kit

Back Cover Kit

Eliminate unwanted ambient light in your enclosure with the back cover that attaches across the back of the enclosure. Pipes sold separately. Cut your own pipes or add our pre-cut Back Cover Pipe Kit for convenient setup.

Carl's Golf Simulator Turf

golf simulator turf

Carl's Place and Big Moss have come together to bring you top-of-the-line turf - create a seamless putting green that extends 12' from the screen. Revel in the sophisticated aesthetics and take advantage of the ultimate space for perfecting your putting abilities.

Screen Types

Standard golf impact screen

• Budget material perfect for beginners
• 100% heavy-duty polyester
• Loosely woven

Preferred golf impact screen

• Smoother surface for better image quality
• 100% heavy-duty polyester
• Strong silicone reinforcement
• Tightly woven knit

Premium golf impact screen

• Smoothest surface available
• Superior image quality
• 3 layers of heavy-duty, impact-resistant polyester
• Noise-dampening center layer

Assembly Instructions and User Manual

EMT Requirements
Unless you have purchased the Pipe Framing Kit accessory, you will need to purchase 1-inch EMT (electrical metal tubing) from your local hardware store to complete your frame. Please note, 1-inch EMT is the US trade name of the material, however the true outer diameter is 1.163" or 27mm

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