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Best Golf Simulator Projectors

When putting together your home golf simulator, every component you choose can make or break your build. Choosing the right golf projector is a great way to maximize your simulator experience. However, it can be tough knowing which products are really right for you. Fortunately, we have you covered. We've created a roundup of our favorite golf simulator projectors for every simulator build.

To save you time, our team of golf simulator experts reviewed dozens of the best golf simulator projectors out there. Furthermore, we applied a rigorous criteria to specifically select the best projectors for golf simulators. Finally, we organized our favorites into a list of our top five recommendations.

The right projector will not only provide a great visual experience, but fit well within your golf simulator space. Our top choices have the right balance of image quality, versatility, value, and ease of use.Creating the right golf simulator can be challenging enough, let our experts help you pick the best components for your build.

Our choice for best golf impact screen is the BenQ LH820ST.  It is a laser projector with a great image, appropriate for all kinds of gaming. Its short throw image ratio makes it a perfect choice for game rooms and other builds where space is at a premium.

Check Price - BenQ LH820ST

Short on time? Here are the best golf simulator projectors out right now:

  1. Best Short Throw Laster Projector for Golf Simulator: BenQ LH820ST

  2. Best 4K Short Throw Golf Simulator Projector: Optoma 4K400STx

  3. Best 4K Short Throw Laser Projector for Golf Simulator: BenQ LK936ST

  4. Best Short Throw WXULGA Golf Simulator Projector: EIKI EK-308U

  5. Best Budget Projector for Golf Simulator: EIKI EK-309W

Best Golf Simulator Projectors - Full Analysis

Best Short Throw Laster Projector for Golf Simulator: BenQ LH820ST

The BenQ LH820ST stands tall as the pinnacle choice for golf simulator projectors, delivering an unmatched visual experience that transforms your indoor space into a golfing sanctuary. With its array of cutting-edge features and impeccable performance, this projector redefines the standard for golf simulation and entertainment alike.

Crystal-Clear Full HD Display: Immerse yourself in the world of golf simulation with the LH820ST's native 1080p Full HD resolution. Experience the sharpest and most detailed images, enhancing your golfing, movie watching, and gaming sessions without the hassle of downscaling or compression.

Exclusive Golf Mode: Dive into the most realistic golfing experience with the LH820ST’s Exclusive Golf Mode. Developed in collaboration with color experts, this mode vividly reproduces the lush greens and bright blues of real-world golf courses, making you feel like you're truly on the fairway.

Ultra-Bright Projection: Never miss a detail with the projector's 3600 lumens brightness. The LH820ST shines even in well-lit rooms, ensuring that every image on your golf simulator screen is clear and visible.

Cinema-Level Color Fidelity: With 90% REC709 coverage, the LH820ST boasts a laser projection system that brings out the most vibrant colors. Whether you're golfing, watching a movie, or gaming, the colors on the screen are exactly as intended by the creators.

Optimal Placement and No Shadows: The 0.5 throw ratio is a game-changer for golf simulation setups. Position the LH820ST safely outside the hitting zone and say goodbye to annoying shadows. Experience a grand 177-inch image from just 7 feet away, ideal for spaces that require a floor-mounted projector.

Precise Image Adjustment: Tailor your viewing experience with the Digital Shrink and Shift feature, allowing fine-tuning of the projected image to your liking. Plus, the Digital Lens Shift compensates for any off-center projector placement, ensuring the perfect alignment every time.

Perfect Projection Alignment: Overcome trapezoid distortions with the 2D keystone correction and Corner Fit control. Achieve perfectly aligned images, regardless of projector placement, ensuring a professional and crisp display.

Screen Fill Function: Switching aspect ratios is a breeze with the LH820ST's Screen Fill feature. Maximize pixel counts and avoid image distortion with just a few clicks, without meddling with graphics card settings.

Seamless Connectivity: The LH820ST features HDMI connectivity, supporting a pristine digital signal from your golf sim software directly to the projector, ensuring no signal degradation.

Maintenance-Free and Cost-Effective: Benefit from the long-lasting 30,000-hour light source life, thanks to BenQ's laser technology. Start projecting instantly without lamp warm-up times and save on replacement costs. Its IP5X-rated, dustproof sealed laser engine is ideal for various environments, eliminating the need for filters.


  • Native 1080p Full HD resolution for crystal-clear images.

  • Exclusive Golf Mode for an immersive golfing experience.

  • Ultra-bright projection with 3600 lumens brightness.

  • Cinema-level color fidelity with 90% REC709 coverage.

  • Optimal placement with a 0.5 throw ratio and no shadows.

  • Precise image adjustment and perfect projection alignment.

  • Screen Fill function for seamless aspect ratio switching.

  • Seamless HDMI connectivity for pristine digital signals.

  • Maintenance-free with a long-lasting 30,000-hour light source life.


  • Relatively high initial cost compared to some other projectors.

  • Limited lens shift functionality for vertical and horizontal adjustments.

In summary, the BenQ LH820ST Short Throw Full HD Laser Golf Simulator Projector is not just a projector; it's an investment in an unparalleled golfing and entertainment experience. Whether you're a golf enthusiast, a movie buff, or a gamer, this projector is designed to elevate your indoor activities to a whole new level.

Check Price - BenQ LH820ST

Best 4K Short Throw Golf Simulator Projector: Optoma 4K400STx

The Optoma 4K400STx stands as a testament to cutting-edge innovation, offering unparalleled 4K resolution in a short throw format, making it the ideal choice for golf simulator setups where space is at a premium. With its remarkable features and exceptional performance, this projector ensures a truly immersive and lifelike experience for golf enthusiasts and presentation professionals alike.

Future-Proof 4K UHD Resolution: Experience crystal-clear images with Ultra HD 4K resolution, providing sharper details and richer colors for a truly immersive viewing experience. The 4K400STx delivers stunning visuals that bring your golf simulations to life with unprecedented clarity.

Short Throw Projection: Project a supersized 100" image from just over a meter away, allowing for flexible placement and reducing shadows for seamless presentations. This feature is particularly advantageous for golf simulator setups, where space optimization is crucial.

Lights-On Viewing: With 4000 lumens of brightness, enjoy vivid and vibrant visuals in any environment, ensuring your presentations leave a lasting impact. The 4K400STx excels even in environments where total ambient light control isn't possible, providing unparalleled clarity and brightness.

Extensive Connectivity: Equipped with dual HDMI ports, audio connections, USB power, 12V trigger, and RS232, the 4K400STx ensures seamless integration with your existing setup. This versatility allows for effortless connectivity with various devices, enhancing the overall user experience.

HDR and HLG Compatibility: Capable of displaying HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) content, the 4K400STx provides enhanced contrast and a greater sense of depth for a more immersive viewing experience. Whether you're watching movies or playing golf simulations, enjoy lifelike visuals with stunning dynamic range.

Amazing Color Performance: Optoma projectors deliver reliable color performance, from accurate sRGB colors for lifelike images to vibrant presentations, meeting the specific needs of your content. Experience true-to-life colors that enhance the realism of your golf simulations and presentations.

Integrated Speaker: Complete your multimedia experience with a powerful built-in speaker, eliminating the need for additional external speakers. Enjoy immersive audio that complements the stunning visuals delivered by the 4K400STx.

Four Corner Correction: Easily adjust the keystone of the projector in both vertical and horizontal planes, ensuring a perfectly square image even in challenging installation environments. This feature ensures that your golf simulator setup maintains optimal image quality regardless of the installation constraints.

Backlit Remote: The backlit remote features subtle white LEDs, making it easy to see and operate, even in low-light conditions. Enjoy convenient control over your projector settings without fumbling in the dark.


  • True 4K UHD resolution for unparalleled image clarity.

  • Short throw projection for flexible placement and reduced shadows.

  • High brightness of 4000 lumens for vivid and vibrant visuals.

  • Extensive connectivity options for seamless integration.

  • HDR and HLG compatibility for enhanced dynamic range.

  • Reliable color performance for lifelike images.

  • Integrated speaker for immersive audio.

  • Four corner correction for perfect image alignment.

  • Backlit remote for easy operation in low-light conditions.


  • Relatively higher price compared to standard HD projectors.

  • Lamp life may be shorter compared to laser projectors, requiring periodic replacement.

In summary, the Optoma 4K400STx redefines the standard for short throw 4K golf simulator projectors, offering unmatched performance and versatility. Whether you're indulging in golf simulations or delivering impactful presentations, this projector delivers a truly immersive and captivating experience that sets it apart from the competition.

Check Price - Optoma 4K400STx

Best 4K Short Throw Laser Projector for Golf Simulator: BenQ LK936ST

Elevate your golf simulation experience to new heights with the BenQ LK936ST, a high-performance 4K laser projector designed specifically for golf enthusiasts seeking unparalleled realism and immersion. Boasting impressive features and cutting-edge technology, the LK936ST delivers stunning visuals, exceptional brightness, and advanced connectivity options, making it the perfect choice for transforming your space into a captivating golfing environment and home entertainment hub.

Spectacular 4K UHD Resolution: Experience the golf course like never before with the LK936ST's 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution, offering 8.3 million pixels for incredibly sharp and detailed visuals. With HDR10 support and BenQ's exclusive Auto HDR Color Rendition, enjoy enhanced brightness, contrast, and image optimization for a truly lifelike golfing experience.

Brilliant in Every Environment: Featuring a powerful 5100 lumen projection, the LK936ST shines bright even in well-lit rooms or for larger impact screens, ensuring high-quality imaging across a typical 13-foot or wider screen. Its exceptional brightness is perfect for tracking cameras to capture and analyze your swings with precision.

Exclusive Golf Mode: Immerse yourself in the stunning reproduction of golf courses with BenQ's exclusive Golf Mode. Developed with color experts, it enhances the lush greens and vivid blues of the course, allowing for a natural and engaging golfing experience that feels like you're right there on the fairway.

Cinema-Level Color Accuracy: Covering 92% of Rec.709, the LK936ST offers a laser projection system with a dual-color wheel, ensuring accurate color reproduction in HD video and movies. Enjoy enhanced color saturation and superior image quality, elevating your golf, movie, and gaming experiences to new heights.

Flexible Placement and Alignment: With a 0.81-0.89 throw ratio, this short throw projector can produce a 177”-236” image from just 10-16 feet away. Lens shift allows easy image adjustment even with off-center placements – up to 60% vertically and 23% horizontally. The 2D keystone, picture rotation, and corner fit features counteract trapezoid effects for a perfectly aligned display.

Premium Audio Experience: The S/PDIF port supports 5.1 channel surround sound, transforming your space into a home theater with high-definition audio. Enhance your home golfing, movies, and gaming with immersive sound quality that complements the stunning visuals.

Advanced Connectivity: Equipped with HDMI 2.0, the LK936ST supports 4K 60Hz and HDR content, ensuring superior brightness and contrast. Enjoy the latest in high-quality projection technology for a truly advanced viewing experience that caters to your multimedia needs.

Maintenance-Free Laser Technology: Say goodbye to the hassle of lamp replacement with a long-lasting 20,000-hour laser light source. The IP5X-rated, dustproof sealed laser engine is filter-free, ideal for environments like garages or basements, saving you time and money in the long term.


  • Spectacular 4K UHD resolution for lifelike visuals.

  • Powerful 5100 lumen projection for exceptional brightness.

  • Exclusive Golf Mode for enhanced golfing experience.

  • Cinema-level color accuracy for superior image quality.

  • Flexible placement and alignment options.

  • Premium audio experience with 5.1 channel surround sound support.

  • Advanced connectivity with HDMI 2.0 support.

  • Maintenance-free laser technology for long-lasting performance.


  • Higher initial cost compared to traditional lamp-based projectors.

  • Slightly heavier compared to some other short throw projectors.

In summary, the BenQ LK936ST 5100-Lumen 4K Short Throw Laser Golf Simulator Projector redefines the golf simulation experience with its stunning visuals, advanced features, and user-friendly design. Whether you're perfecting your swing or enjoying multimedia entertainment, this projector delivers unmatched performance and versatility, making it a must-have for any golf enthusiast or home entertainment enthusiast.

Check Price BenQ LK936ST

Best Short Throw WXULGA Golf Simulator Projector: EIKI EK-308U

Experience the pinnacle of golf simulation with the Eiki EK-308U Golf Simulator Projector, designed to deliver precision, brightness, and flexibility for the ultimate golfing experience. Boasting exceptional features and advanced specifications, this projector is engineered to enhance every swing and putt with stunning clarity and immersive visuals.

Key Features:

Optimal Throw Ratio for Space Efficiency: The Eiki EK-308U features a versatile throw ratio of 1.07 to 1.76, allowing for optimal placement in various room sizes. Whether you're filling a 10-foot-wide screen from just 10.7 feet away or adjusting for a smaller screen at a closer distance, this projector ensures you're always at the perfect viewing distance.

Exceptional Brightness: With 6000 lumens brightness, the EK-308U delivers unparalleled clarity and vividness, even in well-lit environments. Say goodbye to washed-out images and enjoy bright, vibrant visuals that bring your golf simulations to life.

Superior Resolution: Compatible with WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200), this projector delivers stunning 1080p high-definition images with crisp detail and clarity. Experience every blade of grass and contour of the course with unparalleled realism.

Advanced Specifications:

High Brightness in a Compact Design: Despite its compact size, the EK-308U stands out with the highest brightness in Eiki's portable range. Its compact body houses a variety of inputs and outputs, including HDMI, VGA, LAN, and RS-232C, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of setups.

Easy Maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free upkeep with top-accessed lamp and side-accessed electrostatic filter, providing effective dust protection and longevity for your projector. Spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your golf simulations.

Flexible Installation Options: With horizontal and vertical lens shift, keystone correction, and corner correction, the EK-308U can be installed in various environments, from simulation studios to conference rooms. Achieve the perfect alignment and projection angle with ease.

Vivid Display Features: Boasting 6000 center lumens brightness, 80% uniformity, and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, the projector supports a range of video inputs up to 1080p and displays both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Enjoy stunning visuals with vibrant colors and sharp detail.

Enhanced Connectivity: HDMI with MHL support allows you to project HD video directly from smartphones and tablets, while the projector also accepts composite, component, and S-Video in all major standards. Stay connected and enjoy seamless integration with your favorite devices.

Built-in Audio and Security Features: The EK-308U includes a 10-watt sound system, closed caption decoding, auto input selection, built-in test patterns, and security features like a Kensington MicroSaver slot and PIN lock. Enjoy immersive audio and peace of mind knowing your projector is secure.


  • Optimal throw ratio for versatile placement.

  • Exceptional brightness for vivid images in any environment.

  • Superior resolution for crisp and clear visuals.

  • Easy maintenance with accessible lamp and filter.

  • Flexible installation options for various environments.

  • Enhanced connectivity for seamless integration.

  • Built-in audio and security features for added convenience and peace of mind.


  • Slightly higher weight compared to some other portable projectors.

  • Limited vertical lens shift range compared to some high-end models.

In conclusion, the Eiki EK-308U Golf Simulator Projector offers precision, brightness, and flexibility to enhance your golf simulation experience. With its advanced features and superior performance, it's the perfect choice for golf enthusiasts seeking the ultimate immersive experience.

Check Price - EIKI EK-308U

Best Budget Projector for Golf Simulator: EIKI EK-309W

Elevate your golfing experience without breaking the bank with the Eiki EK-309W WXGA 3LCD Projector. Designed specifically for golf enthusiasts, this projector offers vibrant visuals, easy maintenance, and flexible installation options, making it the perfect choice for budget-conscious individuals looking to enhance their golf simulation setup.

Key Features:

Vivid and Bright Display: With 6,000 center lumens and a high contrast ratio of 10,000:1, the Eiki EK-309W delivers bright and clear visuals, perfect for simulating realistic golf environments. Enjoy vibrant colors and deep blacks that enhance every detail of your golf course simulations.

Optimized Resolution for Golf Simulators: The native WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) provides crisp and clear images at 720p, capturing the intricacies of golf courses and providing a lifelike simulation experience. Enjoy immersive gameplay with detailed visuals that bring your virtual golfing sessions to life.

Optimal Throw Ratio for Space Efficiency: With a throw ratio of 1.07 to 1.76, this projector offers versatility in various room sizes, ensuring you're never too close to the action. Whether you're filling a 10-foot-wide screen or adjusting for a smaller setup, the EK-309W adapts to your space with ease.

Designed for Golf Enthusiasts:

Compact and Powerful: Despite its budget-friendly price, this high-brightness projector fits seamlessly into any golf simulator setup. With a range of inputs including HDMI, VGA, LAN, and RS-232C, it accommodates all your multimedia requirements without compromising on performance.

Effortless Maintenance: Maintenance is made easy with convenient access to the lamp and filter, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. Spend less time troubleshooting technical issues and more time enjoying your golf simulations.

Flexible Installation Options: Thanks to features like horizontal and vertical lens shift, keystone, corner, and curved correction, this projector adapts to various room sizes and shapes. Whether you're setting up in a small room or a larger space, the EK-309W offers flexibility and convenience.

Enhanced Connectivity: HDMI with MHL support allows for high-definition video projection, essential for detailed and immersive golf simulations. The projector supports a range of video standards, ensuring compatibility with various simulation software and hardware for a seamless experience.

Integrated Audio Feature: The built-in 10-watt sound system enhances your simulation experience with realistic audio effects, adding depth and immersion to your virtual golf games.


  • Affordable price without compromising on performance.

  • Bright and clear visuals for realistic golf simulations.

  • Easy maintenance with accessible lamp and filter.

  • Flexible installation options for various room sizes and shapes.

  • Enhanced connectivity for seamless integration with multimedia devices.

  • Built-in audio feature for immersive gameplay experience.


  • Slightly lower resolution compared to higher-end models.

  • Limited adjustment options for lens shift and keystone correction.

In conclusion, the Eiki EK-309W WXGA 3LCD Projector offers affordable brilliance for your golf simulator setup. With its vibrant display, easy maintenance, and flexible installation options, it's the perfect choice for budget-conscious individuals looking to take their virtual golfing experience to the next level.

Check Price - EIKI EK-309W

Top Golf Simulator Projectors - A Quick Comparison Table

Rank Product Name Award Technology Type Picture Definition
1 BenQ LH820ST Best Short Throw Laser Laser Full HD (1080p)
2 Optoma 4K400STx Best 4K Short Throw DLP 4K UHD
3 BenQ LK936ST Best 4K Short Throw Laser Laser 4K UHD
4 EIKI EK-308U Best Short Throw WXULGA 3LCD WUXGA (1920x1200)
5 EIKI EK-309W Best Budget 3LCD WXGA (1280x800)

How to choose the right golf simulator projector for you

Selecting the perfect golf simulator projector entails considering several key factors to ensure an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience tailored to your specific preferences and requirements. Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Determine Your Space and Setup: Assess the available space for your golf simulator setup, including ceiling height, room dimensions, and distance from the screen or hitting mat. Short throw projectors are ideal for smaller spaces, while standard throw projectors require more distance between the projector and the screen.

2. Consider Image Quality: Image quality is paramount for an authentic golfing experience. Look for projectors with high resolutions such as WUXGA (1920 x 1200) or WXGA (1280 x 800) for sharp and detailed visuals. Additionally, prioritize models with high contrast ratios and color accuracy to ensure vibrant and lifelike images.

3. Assess Brightness Needs: Evaluate the ambient lighting conditions in your golf simulator room. Opt for projectors with higher lumens output for well-lit spaces or rooms with natural light ingress. A minimum brightness of 3000 lumens is recommended for optimal visibility and image clarity.

4. Projection Technology: Consider the different projection technologies available, including lamp-based, laser, and LED. Laser projectors offer superior brightness, longevity, and instant on/off capabilities, making them ideal for frequent use. LED projectors provide energy efficiency and durability, while lamp-based models offer cost-effective solutions.

5. Short Throw vs. Standard Throw: Decide whether a short throw or standard throw projector best suits your setup. Short throw projectors require less space between the projector and the screen, making them suitable for compact environments. Standard throw projectors offer flexibility in placement but require more distance for projection.

6. Installation Flexibility: Look for projectors with features like lens shift, keystone correction, and zoom capabilities for easy installation and alignment. This ensures that you can adjust the projector to fit your specific room layout and screen position without compromising image quality.

7. Budget Considerations: Establish a budget based on your requirements and preferences. While higher-end projectors may offer advanced features and superior performance, there are also budget-friendly options available that provide excellent image quality and functionality.

8. Durability and Maintenance: Consider the durability and maintenance requirements of the projector. Choose models with robust construction and easy access to lamp and filter compartments for hassle-free upkeep. Additionally, check the warranty and support options provided by the manufacturer.

By carefully considering these factors and conducting thorough research, you can select the right golf simulator projector that meets your needs and enhances your gaming experience, whether you're a casual player or a dedicated enthusiast striving for professional-level simulation accuracy.

Our selection criteria - how we select golf simulator projectors

n compiling our list of top-tier golf simulator projectors, we adhere to stringent selection criteria aimed at delivering an unparalleled gaming experience to our users. Here's an insight into the key factors we consider:

1. Image Quality: We prioritize image quality to ensure lifelike simulations that accurately replicate the nuances of golf courses. Factors such as resolution, contrast ratio, and color accuracy are meticulously evaluated. Higher resolutions, such as WUXGA or WXGA, deliver sharper images, while a high contrast ratio ensures vibrant colors and deep blacks, enhancing visual depth.

2. Projection Technology: We explore various projection technologies, including laser, LED, and lamp-based systems. Laser projectors offer superior brightness, longer lifespan, and instant on/off capabilities compared to traditional lamp-based projectors. LED projectors provide energy efficiency and durability, while lamp-based models often offer cost-effective solutions.

3. Brightness: Brightness is a critical consideration, especially for golf simulator setups located in well-lit environments. We prioritize projectors with high lumens output to ensure clear and vivid images even in brightly lit rooms. Models with at least 5000 lumens or higher are preferred to maintain optimal image quality.

4. Short Throw Capability: Short throw projectors are ideal for golf simulator setups with limited space, allowing users to achieve large screen sizes without requiring significant projection distance. We select projectors with optimal throw ratios, enabling them to fill a wide screen from a short distance, providing flexibility in various room sizes and configurations.

5. Flexibility and Ease of Installation: Versatile installation options are crucial for accommodating different room layouts and configurations. Projectors with features like horizontal and vertical lens shift, keystone correction, and corner correction offer flexibility in positioning and alignment, ensuring optimal image quality regardless of setup constraints.

6. Durability and Maintenance: We prioritize projectors with robust construction and easy maintenance features to maximize longevity and minimize downtime. Models with accessible lamp and filter compartments simplify routine maintenance tasks, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay sessions.

By meticulously assessing these criteria, we curate a selection of golf simulator projectors that excel in delivering exceptional image quality, versatility, and performance, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of golf enthusiasts at every level of expertise.


1. What is a golf simulator projector? A golf simulator projector is a specialized projector used to display high-quality images of golf courses onto a screen or hitting mat within an indoor space, enabling golfers to practice their swings and play virtual rounds of golf.

2. What factors should I consider when choosing a golf simulator projector? When selecting a golf simulator projector, consider factors such as picture quality for realistic visuals, brightness for clear visibility, projection technology for performance, throw distance for space efficiency, installation flexibility for ease of setup, and budget to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

3. What is the difference between laser and other types of golf simulator projectors? Laser projectors offer advantages like longer lifespan, consistent brightness, and color accuracy compared to traditional lamp-based projectors. However, they may come at a higher initial cost.

4. Why is short throw important for golf simulator projectors? Short throw projectors require less space between the projector and the screen, making them ideal for small rooms or tight spaces commonly found in home setups. They also minimize shadows caused by players standing in front of the projector.

5. How do I ensure compatibility between the golf simulator projector and my simulator software/hardware?Ensure compatibility by checking the specifications of both your simulator software/hardware and the projector, paying attention to factors such as resolution, aspect ratio, and input/output options to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

To Summarize, these are our top golf simulator projectors

Product Name Score Price
BenQ LH820ST 9.9 Check Price
Optoma 4K400STx 9.8 Check Price
BenQ LK936ST 9.8 Check Price
EIKI EK-308U 9.6 Check Price
EIKI EK-309W 9.5 Check Price





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