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Best Golf Impact Screens and Enclosures

When putting together your home golf simulator, every component you choose can make or break your build. Choosing the right golf impact screen or enclosure is a great way to maximize your simulator experience. However, it can be tough knowing which products are really right for you. Fortunately, we have you covered. We've created a roundup of our favorite golf simulator screens and enclosures for every simulator build.

To save you time, our team of golf simulator experts reviewed dozens of the best impact screens and enclosures out there. Furthermore, we applied a rigorous criteria to specifically select the best impact screens. Finally, we organized our favorites into a list of our top five recommendations.

The right impact screen will not only provide a great visual experience, but it will also hold up to the . Our top choices have the right balance of aestetics, durability, value, and ease of use.Creating the right golf simulator can be challenging enough, let our experts help you pick the best components for your build.

Our choice for best golf impact screen is the Carl's Place Premium Impact Screen.  It offers a great package of durability, sound dampening, and visual appeal all at a great price.

Check Price: Carl's Place Premium Impact Screen

Short on time? Here are the best golf impact screens and enclosures out right now:

  1. Best Golf Impact Screen: Carl's Place Premium Impact Screen
  2. Best Retractable Golf Impact Screen: HomeCourse 180 Impact Screen

  3. Best DIY Golf Enclosure: Carl's Place DIY Golf Enclosure

  4. Best Professional Grade Golf Enclosure: SIGPRO Golf Enclosure

  5. Best Retractable Golf Enclosure: The SportsScreen Golf Enclosure

Best Golf Impact Screens - Full Analysis

Best Golf Impact Screen: Carl's Place Premium Impact Screen

Golf enthusiasts, coaches, and professionals alike are constantly in search of the perfect equipment to enhance their golfing experience. Among these, the golf impact screen holds significant importance, as it directly affects the realism and quality of the simulation. In this regard, the Carl's Place Premium Golf Impact Screen stands out as the premier choice, and here's why:

Why Carl's Place Premium Golf Impact Screen is Our Top Pick

Carl's Place has meticulously designed their Premium Golf Impact Screen to cater to a wide range of users, from commercial setups to home golf enthusiasts. Here’s what makes it the best:

  1. Superior Material Quality: The screen is crafted from a thick, multilayer golf impact screen material, featuring the tightest weave for exceptional durability and performance. This construction ensures longevity and consistent performance in your golf hitting screen.

  2. Optimal Screen Performance: The screen delivers an exceptionally realistic simulation experience. It's designed to provide significant sound reduction, minimizing disturbance during play. Additionally, the minimal bounceback feature enhances safety and realism, and its ability to effectively block ambient light ensures clearer visibility.

  3. High Durability: Tested for resilience, this screen can withstand direct impacts from golf balls at speeds up to 250 MPH, a testament to its exceptional build quality.

  4. Premium Impact Experience: The screen's smooth surface offers an optimal touch and response. Its construction with three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit, impact-resistant polyester not only reduces noise from ball impacts but also delivers impeccable image quality, perfect for virtual golf and instructional content.

  5. Customizable Edge Options: The golf simulator impact screen comes with various edge finishing options, including a classic style, an upgraded design with flaps, and a DIY-friendly loop fastener edging, allowing for customization according to specific needs and preferences.

Pros and Cons of Carl's Place Premium Golf Impact Screen


  • Exceptional Material Quality: Ensures durability and consistent performance. g

  • Realistic Simulation Experience: Provides lifelike imagery and minimal disturbance.

  • High Durability: Can endure high-speed impacts, making it suitable for rigorous use.

  • Customizable: Offers multiple edging options to suit different installation needs.

  • Worldwide Shipping: Makes it accessible to a global market.


  • Premium Pricing: The high quality and features come at a premium price, which might not be feasible for all budgets.

In conclusion, Carl's Place Premium Golf Impact Screen is an unparalleled choice for those seeking a top-tier diy golf simulator screen. Its superior quality, realistic performance, and customizable features make it stand out from all golf hitting screens on the market. Whether for commercial, coaching, or home use, this screen promises to transform any space into an elite golfing arena.

Check Price: Carl's Place Premium Impact Screen

Best Retractable Golf Impact Screen: HomeCourse 180 Impact Screen

Transform your indoor golfing experience with the innovative HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180. Designed for both personal and professional use, this state-of-the-art retractable golf simulator screen is the ultimate choice for avid golfers seeking a reliable and versatile indoor practice solution for their golf simulators.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Ballistic-Grade Material: The ProScreen 180 is made from advanced ballistic-grade material, ensuring improved durability and performance. Its ultra-wide projectable area is perfect for a realistic golfing experience.

  • Pro Arms & Sky Net: This feature offers safety and contains wayward shots. The three-sided enclosure, including the Sky Net, protects your space and its occupants. The Pro Arm Extender caters to both left and right-handed golfers, adjusting the enclosure size.

  • Smart Ball Return System: Designed to absorb full-swing shots, the screen flexes at the bottom, rolling the golf ball back to your feet, allowing for efficient practice in any spacious room.

  • Fully Retractable Screen: The ProScreen 180 retracts in under 30 seconds with a wireless remote, making it ideal for multi-functional spaces where every inch is valuable.

  • Immersive Golfing Experience: When paired with a projector and golf simulator, this screen lets you play on famous golf courses. The extended side nets create a 14ft wide projection area, compatible with 16:9 projectors.

  • Wireless Design & Long Battery Life: Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, the screen operates for months on a single charge, offering a tidy and uncluttered space.

  • Versatile Mounting Options: It can be mounted on ceilings, walls, or using the Pro Rack, and fits in spaces measuring 8’ 6" H x 10’ W x 8’ D.

Additional Accessories:

  • HomeCourse® Landing Pad: A 9'x5' artificial grass surface that softens the landing of a ball from the ProScreen. It is not a hitting surface.

  • HomeCourse® Side Netting: Includes a pair of side nets and 4 sandbags for secure placement.

  • HomeCourse® Wall Mount Kit: This kit is essential for wall mounting, especially recommended for tall ceilings (9ft. or taller). It complements the Ceiling Mount Kit included with HomeCourse.

Why Choose HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180?

The HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 is more than just a golf screen; it’s a gateway to a dynamic and versatile golfing experience. Whether you're practicing, entertaining, or engaging in competitive play, this golf simulator screen adapts to your needs, transforming any room into a golfing paradise.


  • Versatile and fully retractable design, ideal for space-saving.

  • Enhanced safety features with Pro Arms and Sky Net.

  • High-quality, ballistic-grade material for durability.

  • Wireless, sleek design with long battery life.

  • Enables playing on renowned golf courses virtually.


  • Requires a significant amount of space for safe and effective use.

  • Additional accessories like the wall mount kit are necessary for certain installations.

  • Requires a separate golf hitting mat.

Elevate your golf game today with the HomeCourse® Retractable Golf ProScreen 180 and experience the pinnacle of indoor golf simulation.

Best Retractable Golf Impact Screen: HomeCourse 180 Impact Screen

Best DIY Golf Enclosure: Carl's Place DIY Golf Enclosure

Create your ultimate home golf sanctuary with Carl's Place DIY C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits. These kits are designed for golf enthusiasts who want to build a high-quality, immersive home golf simulator. The innovative design and comprehensive features make it perfect for those looking to personalize their golfing experience.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Floor-to-Turf Design: The cabled screen features a sleek, no-border bottom for borderless visuals, merging turf and screen seamlessly for a realistic golf simulation.

  • Advanced Impact Screen System: Incorporates releasable zip ties and a bottom cable to minimize golf ball bounceback, ensuring safety and enhancing realism.

  • Compatible with Big Moss Turf + Putting Green: Enhances the authenticity of your indoor golf setup, providing a natural roll and realistic putting experience.

  • DIY-Friendly and Customizable: Build your own professional-grade golf simulator with flexible design options to fit any space and simple setup for all skill levels.

  • Complete Kit for a Perfect Setup: Choose from Standard, Preferred, or Premium impact screen materials. Includes a black nylon enclosure, steel fittings, ball bungees, and zip ties for optimal screen tension adjustment.

  • Integration with Launch Monitors: Pair with a high-quality launch monitor to track ball flight, spin, speed, and more for a comprehensive practice experience.

Included Items:

  • Impact Screen Material Options: Three versions for the best floor-to-turf image and minimal bounceback effect.

  • Durable Black Nylon Enclosure: Provides a shaded, protective environment for realistic play.

  • Steel Fittings for Assembly: Facilitate the construction of the frame (pipes sold separately).

  • Screen Securing Accessories: Ball bungees and zip ties for ideal screen tension.

Add-On Descriptions:

  • Pipe Framing Kit: Includes all necessary pipes for assembly, eliminating the need to source them separately.

  • Foam Insert Kit: Offers additional protection for the frame with easy-to-install foam inserts.

  • Safety Baffles and Net Wall Extensions: Capture high-angle shots and protect against mis-hits, easily attaching to the enclosure.

  • Back Cover Kit and Back Cover Pipe Kit: Eliminate unwanted ambient light and ensure convenient setup.

  • Carl's Golf Simulator Turf: Partnering with Big Moss, this turf creates a seamless putting green for a sophisticated aesthetic and enhanced putting practice.

Why Choose Carl's Place DIY C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits?

Carl's Place DIY C-Series Kits are not just about building a golf simulator; they are about creating a comprehensive golfing experience. Whether you're perfecting your swing or enjoying a round with friends, these kits bring the essence of golf into your home, combining customization, quality, and functionality.


  • Comprehensive, customizable setup options.

  • Seamless integration with advanced golf technology.

  • DIY-friendly, suitable for various skill levels.

  • High-quality materials for durability and realistic experience.

  • Variety of add-ons for enhanced safety and functionality.


  • Requires space and some technical skill for installation.

  • Additional costs for certain add-ons like the Pipe Framing Kit.

  • Framing pipes not included, requiring separate purchase if not opting for the kit.

Transform your space into a golf haven with Carl's Place DIY C-Series Golf Simulator Enclosure Kits, and enjoy the convenience and joy of golfing right at home.

Best DIY Golf Enclosure: Carl's Place DIY Golf Enclosure

Best Commercial Grade Golf Enclosure: SIGPRO Golf Enclosure

Introducing the SIG Series Golf Simulator Enclosures - SIG8, SIG10, and SIG12 - from The Indoor Golf Shop. These premium enclosures are designed to revolutionize your indoor golfing experience, offering top-tier quality and design for both personal and commercial use.

Common Features Across All Sizes:

  • SIGPRO Premium Screen: Independently verified by MyGolfSpy for superior durability, reduced sound, and minimized bounce back. Features double stitched black vinyl edges and grommets for effortless mounting with included ball bungees.

  • Easy-to-Assemble Frame: Simplified setup with color-coded push-pin poles and connectors.

  • Protective Foam Padding: Enhances safety by protecting the poles and walls from errant shots.

  • Premium Surround Material: Durable vinyl SIG Surround provides a clean and finished look to your enclosure.

  • Side Barrier Netting: Comes with sandbags for a tight setup, ensuring safety by catching stray golf balls.

  • 6" Ball Bungees: Included for easy attachment of the screen and nylon surround to the frame.

Specific Features:

  • SIG8 Enclosure: Compact design, ideal for smaller spaces and personal home use.

  • SIG10 Enclosure: Allows the image to fill 100% of the screen, eliminating white space. Offers HD quality display, handling ball speeds up to 250 MPH.

  • SIG12 Enclosure: The largest option, suitable for larger spaces and commercial settings, providing an expansive golfing experience.

Why Choose the SIG Series Golf Simulator Enclosures?

The SIG Series Golf Simulator Enclosures are more than just setups for golf simulation; they are the epitome of a refined and immersive golfing experience. Whether you are a casual golfer or a dedicated enthusiast, the SIG Series has an option to meet your needs:


  • High-quality materials and construction for durability and realistic gameplay.

  • Variety in size to suit different spaces and user needs.

  • Easy assembly with color-coded poles and connectors.

  • Superior screen technology for enhanced visual and auditory experience.

  • Comprehensive safety features with protective padding and side netting.


  • The larger models may require more space, making them less suitable for very compact areas.

  • Investment in quality may represent a higher initial cost compared to basic models.

With the SIG Series Golf Simulator Enclosures, you're not just investing in a golf simulator; you're investing in an unparalleled golfing environment. Choose your perfect model - SIG8, SIG10, or SIG12 - and elevate your game to new heights, whether at home or in a commercial setting.

Best Professional Grade Golf Enclosure: SIGPRO Golf Enclosure

Best Retractable Golf Enclosure: The SportsScreen Golf Enclosure

The SportScreen Golf Studio stands out as the ultimate choice for those seeking a premium, retractable golf simulator enclosure. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your home, this enclosure combines innovation and practicality, offering a top-tier golfing environment that can be conveniently stored away when not in use.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Made with construction-grade mesh, the enclosure is built for durability, capable of withstanding high-velocity golf shots.

  • Rapid Retraction: Can be rolled up and stored away in under 5 minutes, ideal for saving space in your home.

  • Flex Space Design: Adaptable to various environments, it transforms any area into a versatile golfer's paradise.

  • Comprehensive Inclusions: The studio comes with a front screen, a PREMIUM impact screen, side screens, a ceiling panel, corner strips, side and front baffles, and wall/ceiling brackets.

  • Innovative Bracket System: Universal brackets for flexible mounting, suitable for both ceiling and wall installations, accommodating ceiling heights between 108” and 126”.

  • Corner Protection: Ensures golf balls stay within the space and provides safety from stray shots.

  • Easy Setup: Requires minimal space behind the screen (8”-12”), making the setup process straightforward and efficient.

What’s Included:

  • Power remote control (for powered version).

  • Front screen, two side screens, one PREMIUM impact screen, and one ceiling panel.

  • Two corner strips, two side baffles, and one front baffle.

  • Wall/ceiling brackets.

Why Choose The SportScreen Golf Studio?

The SportScreen Golf Studio is not just an enclosure; it's a gateway to a flexible, high-quality golfing experience in your own home. It's designed for those who value both quality and convenience in their golf simulation setup.


  • Retractable design, perfect for multipurpose spaces.

  • Durable construction ensures longevity and reliability.

  • Comprehensive inclusions offer a complete golfing experience.

  • Easy installation and minimal space requirements.

  • Versatility to accommodate different ceiling heights.


  • Requires additional purchases such as a launch monitor, hitting mat, and simulator software.

  • Might be more expensive than non-retractable alternatives due to its advanced features.

Elevate your home golfing experience with The SportScreen Golf Studio, and enjoy a premium, space-efficient setup that doesn't sacrifice quality or functionality. Whether refining your skills or enjoying a casual round, this retractable golf enclosure is designed to take your game to the next level.

Best Retractable Golf Enclosure: The SportsScreen Golf Enclosure

Top Impact Screens - A Quick Comparison Table


Rank Name Award Material Quality & Durability Space & Installation Considerations
1 Carl's Place Premium Impact Screen Best Golf Impact Screen Crafted from thick, multilayer fabric for durability Customizable edge options for various setups
2 HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 Best Retractable Golf Impact Screen Advanced, ballistic-grade material Retracts in under 30 seconds; space-saving
3 Carl's Place DIY Golf Enclosure Best DIY Golf Enclosure Seamless integration with Big Moss Turf Easy DIY setup; customizable sizing options
4 SIGPRO Golf Enclosure Best Commercial Grade Golf Enclosure Durable SIGPRO Premium Screen Color-coded push-pin poles for easy assembly
5 The SportScreen Golf Studio Best Retractable Golf Enclosure Construction-grade mesh for high durability Ceiling-mounted, retractable; flexible mounting

How to choose the right impact screen for you

Choosing the right golf impact screen or enclosure for your home or commercial space is a crucial decision for any golf enthusiast. Here's a guide to help you make the best choice:

  • Assess Your Space: Consider the size of the area where you'll install the screen or enclosure. Ensure there's enough room not just for the screen but also for your swing and for the equipment to function properly.

  • Determine Your Needs: Are you looking for something permanent or retractable? If you're using a multi-purpose space, a retractable model might be more suitable.

  • Screen Quality: Look for screens with high durability, good bounce-back properties, and excellent image quality if you plan to use a projector. The material of the screen should withstand the impact of golf balls at high speeds.

  • Enclosure Construction: If you opt for an enclosure, consider its structural integrity and safety features. Foam padding, netting, and sturdy frames are essential for protecting your space and equipment.

  • Compatibility: Check if the screen or enclosure is compatible with your launch monitor or simulator software. It should also support your projector's resolution if you're using one.

  • Ease of Installation: Consider how easy it is to install and whether you can do it yourself or need professional help.

  • Budget: Balance your needs and desires with how much you're willing to spend. Remember that higher-priced options often offer better quality and more features.

  • User Reviews and Reputation: Research user reviews and the reputation of the brand. Customer feedback can provide valuable insights into the product's performance and longevity.

Our selection criteria - how we select impact screens

Our selection process for impact screens and enclosures is rigorous and focuses on providing the best options for a variety of users. Here’s how we evaluate each product:

  • Material Quality and Durability: We assess the strength and resilience of the materials used. The screen should be able to withstand repeated impacts from golf balls without sustaining damage.

  • Image and Sound Quality: For impact screens, the quality of the image when used with a projector is crucial. We also consider the sound dampening capabilities of the screen.

  • Safety Features: We prioritize products that incorporate safety features like side netting, protective padding, and strong frames to ensure a secure golfing environment.

  • Ease of Assembly and Use: Products that are straightforward to install and use are preferred. We look for clear instructions and minimal need for additional tools or professional installation.

  • Flexibility and Versatility: We value screens and enclosures that can be adapted to various settings and requirements, including different sizes and spaces.

  • User Feedback: Customer reviews and experiences play a significant role in our evaluation. We consider user satisfaction and any reported issues.

  • Brand Reputation and Customer Service: The reputation of the brand and the quality of customer service are important. We prefer companies known for their reliability and customer support.

  • Price and Value for Money: We consider the price point and overall value for money, ensuring our recommendations cater to a range of budgets while maintaining quality.

By adhering to these criteria, we aim to provide well-rounded and trustworthy recommendations for golf enthusiasts looking to enhance their practice space with the best impact screen or enclosure.


1. What are the key differences between golf impact screens and enclosures?

  • Impact screens are designed to absorb golf ball impacts, often used in simulation setups. Enclosures encompass impact screens and add netting, frames, and sometimes ceiling protection for a complete simulator environment.

2. How do I choose the right size and type of impact screen or enclosure for my space?

  • Measure your space and ensure there's enough room for the screen or enclosure, your swing, and safety. Consider whether you need a permanent setup or a retractable model based on your space usage.

3. What should I consider in terms of image quality for impact screens?

  • If using a projector, prioritize screens with higher resolution and better image quality for a more immersive golf simulation experience.

4. Are impact screens and enclosures easy to install?

  • Many models are designed for DIY installation. Assess your comfort with DIY projects and the complexity of the setup before deciding to install it yourself.

5. How do I maintain and clean my impact screen or enclosure?

  • Dust regularly and gently clean with a soft, damp cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals. Follow the manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions.

6. What are the safety features to look for in golf enclosures?

  • Ensure the enclosure has strong netting to catch stray balls, a sturdy frame for structural integrity, and protective padding to prevent damage to your space and equipment.

To Summarize, these are our top impact screens and enclosures

Name Score (out of 10) Price
Carl's Place Premium Impact Screen 9.8 Check Price
HomeCourse® Golf ProScreen 180 9.6 Check Price
Carl's Place DIY Golf Enclosure 9.5 Check Price
SIGPRO Golf Enclosure 9.4 Check Price
The SportScreen Golf Studio 9.3 Check Price

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